Earn with DeFi
technology right now.
Up to 30%

The merger of blockchain technologies and modern investment tools allowed us to create a new groundbreaking product, that is available to all


We’re making money on providing investment opportunities in the existing real sector companies. Earn up to 30% annually with us. Easily, quickly, reliably.

When selecting businesses for investments, we conduct a thorough analysis of their financial status and evaluate their potential. Our modus operandi almost completely eliminates any risks for investors.

Start Investing


  1. STEP 01
    Searching for
    a company interested
    in decentralized funding
  2. STEP 02
    Scoring the company
    and signing
    the documents
  3. STEP 03
    Releasing the company
    digital asset on
    the platform, that allows
    it to provide
    decentralized funding
  4. STEP 04
    funds from
    investors and transferring
    them to the company
  5. STEP 05
    Interest payment
    on the funds


Stable Income,
up to 30% annually

The stability is ensured by the reliability of investing in existing companies that work within the real sector of economy

Maximum transparency thanks
to the blockchain technology

We have established ourselves as an above board DeFi project. Through utilizing blockchain technologies we guarantee absolute transparency on all the stages of working with the platform.

Honest and transparent
business model

We don’t misuse your funds and don’t utilize non-transparent systems

Invest from anywhere
on the planet

Product Protocol cryptocurrency transactions allow you to buy and sell assets, invest into new industries with no territorial limitations


Borrower's questions

You can apply for a loan using the feedback form on the website, or by writing to the mail
The initial processing time may take from 3-7 business days. After initial approval of the application, Product Platform specialists contact the borrower to clarify detailed information.
In each case, we approach it individually, depending on the estimated amount of the loan, as well as other circumstances of the borrower's activity.
At the moment, the possible terms of the loan are from 3 to 12 months. The bid may differ significantly in each specific situation. From 10 to 30% per annum.
Crypto funds are transferred under the loan agreement, in accordance with the current legislation. The mechanism for paying interest and the principal loan corresponds to the existing rules for paying the loan under the agreement.
The platform Commission may vary depending on the terms of each specific agreement.

Lenders questions

Funds are placed by the lender in the form of purchase of tokenized contracts with companies. When purchasing a certain number of tokens, the funds are transferred to the borrower company. After all the terms of the agreement are fulfilled, the funds with interest are returned to the token buyers, and the tokens issued to create the loan agreement are burned.
The borrower is scored on more than 45 parameters. The platform specialists carefully analyze the company's activities, documents provided by the borrower and set a rating on a scale from best to worst - AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C, D.
In each individual case, the loan rate and term are determined individually, taking into account the request and capabilities of the borrower company.
Funds are transferred to the borrower under the loan agreement in accordance with existing legislation. In some cases, the borrower is subject to conditions in the form of a personal guarantee of the company's CEO and collateral to secure the loan agreement.
After the last payment is made under the loan agreement, the transaction is automatically considered executed, and the tokens issued for the transaction on the platform are burned.
Does not take Commission from lenders.
The loan is provided to companies in the official currency of the country in which they are registered
The Product Platform platform conducts preliminary scoring of borrowers before placing them on the platform. For lenders, data is provided in the "settings" section"
The PP platform takes Commission only from borrowers. There is no Commission for lenders.
The Product Platform assumes the possible risks of loan repayment when entering into a loan agreement
The terms of the loan are individual and are discussed in each case
The Product Platform can take a Commission from the lender. Conditions are discussed in each case.
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Company Documents

Our business model is founded on transparency and accessibility. You yourself choose, which companies you are willing to fund and which strategies of investment and risk management you prefer to use. We simply select the investment ideas that are optimal for you and monitor the fulfillment of obligations by the companies.

To further ensure transparency, you are investing your funds via our own ETH-based ERC 20 stable cryptocurrency token - USDP. The other company tokens, that pay out the investments, can be purchased only with the USDP.

Thanks to the distributed ledger technology, you can always check the amount of funds that were transferred to the companies, as well as the interest from the decentralized investment.

Our platform is accessible to anyone, since the minimal amount of investment is 100 USDP.

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